Aiman and Minal twin Sisters leading on Instagram in Pak

Aiman and Minal
Aiman and Minal

Aiman and Minal twin Sisters leading on Instagram. Every body in this world is in race to beat others like beating in money, beating in fame , beating in subscriber or beating in followers. Today we will discuss about those world in which fame and most followers do matter.

Instagram is going to be very popular days by days in which peoples share their photos, videos with other peoples and received compliments about the content. But showbiz industry take full advantage of this application. They use for their brand promotion , their dressing advertising , and publicity for itself. They come live for their fans to interact with them and are trying to raise up their followers on Instagram account.

Because trend has changed , earlier Producers and Directors took editions to cast their actor and actress but nowadays they keep eyes on Instagram’s followers. whose celebrity has more followers on Instagram it means he/she is more popular than others then they cast him/her for their film/movie.

Pakistani Actresses which have more followers on Instagram

Here we are listing Top 5 actresses according to most number of followers on Instagram Account.

1- Aiman Muneeb

Aiman Khan is a Pakistani television & film actress. She established herself as a leading actress in Pakistan drama industry. she was on peak when she married with Actor Muneeb Butt in 2018. Allah blessed them with beautiful daughter Amal Muneeb. After marriage, she took break from the industry and fans are still waiting for their comeback. She has most followers than others actresses on Instagram.

She has 7.7M followers on Instagram account.

Aiman and Minal
Aiman and Minal

2- Ayeza khan

Ayeza Khan is a Pakistani TV actress. She is considered as most beautiful and attractive actress in Pakistan. And she established herself as a top actress in drama industry from many years. She won many national and international awards. Her latest drama Mere Paas Tum Ho was a most famous drama in Pakistan history by viewers , by searched and by fame. She married with Pakistani Actor Danish Taimoor. Allah blessed them with two kids.

She is at second number in Pakistan by having most followers on Instagram account. She has 7.6M followers on Instagram.

Aiman and Minal

3- Mahira Khan

Mahira Khan is a Pakistani famous TV and film actress. Mahira Khan is considered as a most loveable actress in subcontinent. She also appeared in Bollywood film with the king of Bollywood ShahRukh Khan in the Raees Film. Her performance in Humsafar drama took her in the sky and made her more popular in Pakistan. She won many awards national and international. She married with ali askari in 2007 and got divorced in 2015. Mahira Khan has one kid.

She has 6.9M followers on Instagram account and exist on 3rd number.

Aiman and Minal

3- Sajal Ahad Mir

Sajal Aly is a Pakistani Chocolaty actress. Sajal Ahad Mir has lot of varieties in their acting. She did many famous dramas like Gul e Rana , O Rangreza , and Alif. She did Bollywood movie also and appeared with late Sri Devi Mam in Mom film. Recently she married with Pakistani actor Ahad Raza mir.

She has 6.9M followers on Instagram. And exist on 3rd position.

Sajal Ahad Mir

4- Minal Khan

Minal Khan is a Pakistani TV actress. She is at peak their time and considered as a top level actress at that time. Minal and Aiman Khan both are twin sister. Both are young and very beautiful. Both are 22 years old but considered as a legend due to her tremendous acting. Minal did many dramas and some their projects are running at that time like Jalan and Nand. Her way of talking is very unique and make him distinctive with others.

She has 6.5M followers on instagram account and exist on 4th number.

Aiman and Minal
Aiman and Minal

5- Mawra Hocane

Mawra Hocane is a Pakistani Film and TV actress. Mawra Hocane is considered as renowned personality in Pakistan drama industry. She is very highly paid actress. Mawra did many dramas and most of them were superb at that time like Ik tamana La hasil c , Sammi , Maryam , and latest Sabaat. She appeared in films of Pakistan and as well as of India. Sanam teri kasam was her film in bollywood and Jawani phir nahi ani 2 was her film in Lollywood.

She has 6.1M followers on Instagram Account and exist on 5th position.

Mawra Hocane

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